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A borrowed rant, but one I can relate to

A good friend and former co-worker recently posted an open rant on FB after receiving a take-home package following the first day of school. While the spin is Canadian, I think lots of us can relate, particularly those with school-age kids.

<open rant> My school board has been taken over by lawyers! First day of school package includes: new policy on locked schools, warning that kids can strangle themselves in playground, numerous release forms for everything you can imagine (same info 8 times). My favourite form informs me that “participation [in recess] involves risk of injury, minor or serious, including permanent disability.” Here is my favourite part: “For specific examples of injuries related to the activity, contact the school.” Really?
Dear School Board Administrators: stop watching CNN and Fox. Please focus on providing an engaging educational environment. Stop teaching my kids that the world is hostile. We live in Canada!
Thank you.
</end rant>

So, where exactly do we start with this?

When did the start of school trigger a flurry of this kind of liability paperwork? Where have we, as a societly, allowed the public education system to degenerate into this politicized, litiginous, bureaucratic juggernaut? I dunno about you, but I’m starting to look for the remaining three horsemen.

A little civil disobedience: hacking the information harvest

Vendor: Hi there! We have an awesome new white paper that we want to share with the community! Here’s the link

Me: Hey, cool! <clicks link>

Vendor: Oh yeah, before you can get this amazingly captivating little tidbit you need to provide us with all this information so our sales reps can follow-up with you after you read it.

Me: Oh boy, here we go again. Read the rest of this entry

NHL/NHLPA: A pox on both their houses

So, according to the great sage of TSN, Bob McKenzie, unless there’s some kind of quantum shift in the stances of the league and the player’s association, hockey fans will be facing their third stoppage in play in recent memory.

Where is the fan left in all this? I think we become the sports equivalent of an “unsecured creditor” during an insolvency proceeding. We’re pretty sure we’re owed something but damned unlikely to collect on it.

Yes, there’s been posturing, and yes, there’s been rhetoric so thick you could drive a Zamboni on it. What else would you expect when the two point men in this lover’s tiff are lawyers by profession. Neither one really has roots in hockey. Bettman came from the NBA and Fehr came from MLB. I think it’s safe to say neither one cares about the Game itself. Read the rest of this entry