Shared #WorkOutLoud Update

I’m including an update I fired off to the team this morning about what we have on the go internally (names changed to initials for obvious privacy reasons). It will give you a sense of some of the things I have been working on as well as what I am doing to communicate it to the broader audience.

Things are moving along well at our little learning ‘skunkworks’ at CHO.  The learning inventory has been completed and it is doing the first round of feedback with the TLs and PCs.  My thanks to CG, AT, SF, TJ (and a few others who wish to remain anonymous) for their input and feedback in the creation of the inventory and helping me with findings and recommendations.  More to follow at the TL meeting on the 19th.

In other news, CB, KD and I are working on using NLCU (Moodle) to provide some better options for supporting people in the finer points of Case Documentation and Report Writing.  As currently envisioned, this framework would be a coached/supported model, enabling those in need to get some practice and structured feedback.  The end goal is that we will get higher quality outputs and stronger case records. That can only help us in the long run.  Once we get the prototype fleshed out, we will bring some folks in on it to try things out.

Finally, Im doing some investigations on what kinds of tools we can use to build more learning content internally.  While we can do a lot of things in NLCU, there are some really great tools out there that produce rich, interactive content that we can host in the NLCU environment. The most important criteria for me is that this tool supports multiple authors. You may be asking why that’s important. Well, YOU have all sorts of knowledge, skills, and information that can help others across NLC.  That’s knowledge I don’t claim to possess, but I can help you extract that knowledge, package it appropriately and share it with others.  You are already very generous with your expertise, but this is a way to share it and give it a legacy. While the initial targets may be folks like Tim who facilitate our many internal workshops, I want to get that front-line EC/ES/EL/VRC expertise, too.  Trust me: you ALL have something to share.  And I want your stories.

So that’s it for the moment, but there will be more to share soon.  Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.

I’ve actually had some fun getting back into Moodle to leverage newer features in the latest version.  For the Case Documentation and Report Writing efforts, we knew that a “teach from square one” approach wouldn’t really be a good fit, but some critiquing of exemplars and structured feedback on submissions would work well.  Many of the people coming into our organization have experience in writing reports and documenting cases, so this is a method we can use to ensure that folks are doing things “our way” and also in accordance with the contracts we service.

For me, it’s been so great to have the buy-in from folks inside the organization and the fact that we have a good tools suite at our disposal (Thanks to our IT Guru) is paying some big dividends.

That’s all for now, but watch for updates in the days & weeks to come.


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