Welcome to the new Hitch Hiker’s Guide!!

Greetings, welcome, and – hopefully – welcome back!

After some deep consideration, I decided on a small exercise in re-branding. While my ‘elearningguy’ handle represented a lot of what I was doing when I created it, it’s not reflective of all my activities, nor is it completely indicative of who I am as a Learning & Development professional.

I will leave the other site available as a redirect page for a while and allow direct followers to change/update bookmarks.

Thanks for following me as I take the next leg of the journey.


About Mark L. Sheppard

learning geek, lifelong learner, terminally curious, recovering blogger and Ed Tech explorer.

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  1. Love the new handle, Mark. After all, it’s not about “e” learning is it, but simply “learning”.

  2. Hell, I’m gonna take it a step further and say it ain’t even about the learning but about the performance, but that Twitter handle would make Mark sound like a Superhero…. or a sexual performance drug!!!

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