33 Ways


Thanks to the good folks at Instructables, who shared this list on maintaining creativity.


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  1. Hey I’ve got one more.

    Eat something you’ve never eaten before.

    Imagine you had never eaten an avocado, how could you not be creative after eating your first avocado. Anything to break a pattern. And you need to be a little creative just to find all these new taste experiences (although microbreweries have made it a little easier if you like beer).

    Frank Ogden told me that he used to take his clients to restaurants that served rattlesnake because it was a pretty safe bet to be a new experience and always improved the conversation.

    Cheers, bob

    • Bob:

      As usual, you’re right. Especially about the microbrew. 😉

      I’m reminded of the time I was out for a Stag and we started dinner at a well-known seafood place, long gone now. I was feeling adventurous and decided on the deep-fried alligator for my appetizer. Awesome. This approach also explains my love of sushi….

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