Overcoming PSTD – A different kind of learning

Much of what I blog about here is workplace learning, particularly in corporate settings, but we know that “learning” is really as much about behaviour evolution and modification as it is about learning how to work Widgets 2.5 after an upgrade.

The folks over at Military Minds are doing wonderful things to help those dealing with PTSD.  Until recently, serving members and veterans of all stripes were not encouraged to acknowledge and address their issues, but there’s a change afoot to reduce the stigma associated with this disorder.  Military associations aside, I’m very hopeful that efforts like these will help raise awareness and improve research into PTSD so that anyone suffering from this issue – regardless of what triggered it – can benefit from it. As a side-benefit, awareness improves on the outside so that we can help support and encourage those afflicted.

Our minds and well-being are too valuable to leave un-healed.   If we can learn to overcome it, we can likely learn to do almost anything.

About Mark L. Sheppard

learning geek, lifelong learner, terminally curious, recovering blogger and Ed Tech explorer.

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  1. Hey Mark,

    PTSD is all wrapped up in the way we remember things and how we relive the events through the memories we have formed. RadioLab has a documentary on Memory that is absolutely fascinating. I recommend it for two reasons; 1) Memory is so involved in learning and 2) RadioLab is one of the best radio documentary podcasts I have ever heard (and you know I have listened to a few in my time). Anyway, here you go, enjoy. http://www.radiolab.org/2007/jun/07/

    • Many thanks, Bob. I’m downloading that podcast now. Ive been doing some refresher reading on learning and memory (Gagne’s model) and its been quite helpful at work.

  2. That podcast was amazing. I know I’ll be listening to it again (when I’m not driving) and making some notes. Lots of rich content there.

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