A gate, a speed bump, or just a roadside distraction??

Ah, there’s nothing like writer’s block to stifle the winds of creativity on a blog.  I have a potentially great post about The Instructor, Learning, & Memory that I can’t seem to get out of low gear. Strangely enough, it’s serving as a catalyst for this missive.

It’s not just writer’s block, although that does enter into it.  It’s also about the energies of the day.  You can mentally psych yourself up for certain things based on your calendar, but simple postponements can easily put paid to those plans.  I’ve had meetings rescheduled over the last 2 days (including one already postponed from Friday) that managed to sap a lot of the energy away.

Some of that seems to extend into my writing.  I really am trying to write for me and to get things out of my head and into some kind of recorded form, but competing thoughts, changes in momentum, and other distractions make it tough to write with any degree of focus.

Is it discipline? Habit? Dedication? Or is it my style that needs work? (am I too wordy for my own good?)  I dunno.  Too many questions and no easy answers.

I wonder what my more prolific writing and blogging colleagues will say about this?


About Mark L. Sheppard

learning geek, lifelong learner, terminally curious, recovering blogger and Ed Tech explorer.

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  1. Hey Mark,

    Sometimes Writer’s Block means that you aren’t ready to write. I heard a podcast today about the explorer, artist, judge, warrior cycle of creation. The explorer collects information, the artist makes up a prototype, the judge decides if it is worthwhile and the warrior implements the strategy. If the sequence gets out of order the chances of success are low. I think that Writer’s Block can be your judge deciding that something is really good before your artist is ready to release. You may have already deployed the warrior before there is anything to say. It all sounds a little woo woo but the best way around it may be to go back a level and explore. Something may twig the missing piece in the idea and fast track your idea. Looking forward to seeing the resulting post as anything that creates this kind of energy (even though it doesn’t feel good) is already powerful.

    Cheers, bob

  2. Hi, Mark

    I love the topology you have going here: gate, bump, or distraction. Each has a whimsical, yet very useful aspect to it.

    Gates can be open or closed.

    Bumps can be car-destroying or simply reminders of the need to slow down.

    Distractions … well, distractions are a fact of life

    All can block you from creating.

    My advice … relax and enjoy the journey. I’ve learned over the long hall that the harder I push to come up with something “pithy” or “meaningful” to say, the less likely I am to get anything.

    On the other hand, several of my more popular pieces were dashed off relatively quickly on a whim, because I wanted to get something posted and out of the way.

    Who knows what works?:)


    • As I think of this, John, I think it’s like my typing skills. When I don’t pay attention, I tend to touch-type quite well. When I suddenly notice that I’m doing it (this is a skill that emerged through sheer usage, not formal training), then things slow down and error occur.

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