iBooks2/iBook Author Update

It’s nice to know that even some of the tech giants can listen to post-launch reaction and make some adjustments on the fly.

Apple received some pretty scathing commentary from a lot of folks with regard to their seemingly restrictive EULA, namely the extortionate rather steep cut of each sold offering (30%), an apparent loss of author copyright, and the distribution limitation of any iBA output to the iTunes Store.  I even offered a few thoughts on the matter.

However, according to Mashable, there’s been a change afoot in the EULA.

In a nutshell, Apple has clarified the restrictions on distribution such that the only place you will find a .ibooks file is through iTunes.  Other output formats can be distributed elsewhere.  Oh yeah, and you don’t give up any of your rights as the author/creator.

It’s a start.  The still need to sort out their end/output file size and the cost of doing business with Apple, but I’m sure some folks are starting to breathe easier.


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