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A little love for the PLN

Ya know, I don’t always acknowledge the importance of the contributions and solutions and general support/engagement of my PLN but in case anyone feels they aren’t appreciated, I’m here to say that I’m grateful to all of you. Whether it’s an answer to a pressing question or some witty banter or just opening up the connection, I value you all.

The Pompatus of Learning

“Some people call me the Space Cowboy,
Some call me the Gangster of Love.
Some people call me Maurice,
cause I speak of the Pompatus of Love.”

If you had asked me this morning if I expected to be writing a Steve Miller-based blog post later today I’d have to admit that it would have been pretty low on my priority list, if it even registered at all. But it’s funny how things work sometimes, and funnier still where your inspirations come from; because this post was inspired by a completely chance, brief, humorous exchange on Twitter with Craig Taylor, and Nicole Legault. Just for them, tonight only, I will speak of the Pompatus of Learning.
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Happy Canada Day!

144 years and still going strong.