CSTD Afterglow

>I know I still need to compile the remainder of the Day 2 summary and the entirety of the Day 3 Summary, but I just wanted to have this moment to reflect on the concept of the conference and that wonderful Afterglow.

It’s been so long since I was at an event like this that I’d forgotten what kind of a mental rush and high I get from this sort of thing.  I revel in the exchange of ideas and the challenging of assumptions and the bringing together of peers, colleagues, and gurus.

Words don’t really do it justice to this feeling I have, but as @mellissalast said, she was exhausted but still revitalized by the whole process and I think that says it almost as well as anything else I could compose using my few remaining cognitive circuits.

So, what struck me today?  I saw myriad possibilites for some of my day-to-day work from @RobinYap and @MarcelloBigotti and the Village Avatars and I had a moments of Wow with @saulcarliner and talking about how we need to re-examine our choices in managing our careers when trying to stay relevant.  He posited that it’s possible to outgrow a job but still not outgrow the role.  Heady, inspirational stuff, that.

However, for any of you who are choosing to peruse this diatribe, I thank you for letting me share the experience with you as a participant and as a blogger and tweeter and thanks for letting my words into your collective consciousnesses.  For those of you I got to meet in person, I thank you for (involuntarily) becoming part of my Personal Learning Network (yes, there is alwasy an opt-out *g*).

I’m looking forward to continuing the conversations.  It’s gonna be a fun ride.


About Mark L. Sheppard

learning geek, lifelong learner, terminally curious, recovering blogger and Ed Tech explorer.

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